End of the last trip. (Remember, the last is first, so work your way back to the first of the trip by clicking on Older Posts after scrolling down.)

We used Uber to get to the airport and later found out there was a cab strike. Lucky stroke! We had a lovely meal in the Air France Lounge, then we boarded, got settled and they announced that we had to change plans, due to a mechanical issue. No problem for us. We went back to the lounge and had more Champagne. Later, we boarded and made ourselves comfortable for the long ride home.

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Paris 4246

Annick Goutal and another specialty shop

We got up, got ready, got coffee and a croissant at Illy Coffee, and took a taxi to Annick Goutal for our appointment with Marie. What an amazing woman. She was full of life and had been very close to Annick and spoke very highly of her. Annick’s daughter is now in charge and has talents with perfumes, but Annick is a legend. Marie was so patient and we kept drifting off topic to talk about films, which we all loved to discuss. She has helped so many people who are famous, but they came up mostly because of our conversation, not that she was bragging. She just wasn’t like that. She had a hard life, but has worked for Annick Goutal for 26 years. Her sense of smell was amazing, as was her descriptions of the notes in each fragrance … and the stories were riveting. It was obvious that she was a very sensitive, kind and loving soul. We really enjoyed our time with her – 3 hours!!!

Then we took a cab to one of my favorite restos here – Chez Janou. I long for the braised duck with demi glace and fingerling potatoes. They cook it perfectly and we have a nice lunch. I think this is our 5th or 6th time there and the same guy waits on us almost every time. In fact, we’ve sat at the same table 3 times. On on visit, we chatted with the woman and her husband at the next table, only to find out they were celebrating her first day on the job as the Philippine representative for the French Consulate. Nice people and a fun afternoon. And it was snowing outside, which made it even more special.

After lunch, we came back to the hotel to meet with a label, for work. What a creative guy with a wide variety of musicians he reps.

Then we had some business issues with our Crest toothpaste commercial and spent several hours dealing with that.

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