Day 1: Paris CDG Airport Metro/Train Station Empty From Strike – Paris, France

11.15.07 – 9:00am – Thursday
Arrived at CDG, no bag for Randy abt. 9.45am
Went to Air France baggage dept. to file a claim – received a claim
#CDG AF 89704

It was kind of like a ghost town, like something you’d see in a movie where there’s some kind of a scare or end of the earth type of situation. The rest of the airport was pretty busy but this area was not!

Milled around the airport looking for a place to clean up – went to AF lounge using Platinum card, but we were denied access; so went to a restroom to shave and freshen-up. Had a coffee and looked for a way to get to our hotel because the Metro and rail systems were not working due to a strike.

We took a cab to the hotel.

Le Jardins Du Marais And Bastille Neighborhood Shots – Paris, France

Walked around the Bastille for a while and took photos here and there. We discussed how we were going to plan our trip out. The weather was really cold … about 28 or so degrees so Randy was really cold. I was in my really WARM coat but Randy thought naa it wont be cold. Boy he was wrong so we decided to go get a drink and then go buy a coat for him before it got cold since he didn’t have any warm clothes as his suitcase was still missing.

Some neighborhood photos around the hotel we stayed at, Les Jardins Du Marais on Rue Amelot.

First Empty Glass Of Beaujolais Nouveau – Paris, France

We arrived on the third Thursday of November and that’s usually the day France celebrates Beaujolais Nouveau so we certainly had plenty of it and it was pretty good! Some interesting info about Beaujolais Nouveau below.

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